Patrycja Mastej



Interactive exhibitions: OnDream
Article: Magazyn Szum  Opinions: Philippe Saulle 

Hi, I’m a visual artist, designer, and academic, working as an assistant professor at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw. I’m actively involved in the field of contemporary
art and design. I create plush objects, drawings, paintings, and installations, focusing on the study
of processes connected with memory and body awareness, often using the creative method of Butoh dancers. My design practice is characterized by openness to interdisciplinary dialogue between interior design, image, interaction, and new media. I collaborate with the Wrocław Contemporary Museum,
where, in 2012 I started a series of interactive exhibitions, entitled „Self-service Museum”.
Together with psychologist and art curator Magdalena Skowrońska, we create the studio On Dream.

        Selected exhibitions:

2021     Dzikie Ciało / Wild Body, DCF Lower Silesian Film Center, Wrocław, Poland.
Czwrwień. Ekspozycja na kolor / Red. Exposure to Colour, cocreated with Magdalena Skowrońska      .             Wrocław Contemporary Museum, Wrocław, Poland.
    Czerwone łzy / Red tears, as part of the project Reperwersje, Gallery Umakart,
.             curated by Karin Pisarikova Brno, Czech Republic.
2019    Obrazośnienie / Dreamagining, cocreated with Magdalena Skowrońska,
.             Wrocław Contemporary Museum, Wrocław, Poland.
2017    Chwasty i płody / Mauvaises Herbes, curator Magdalena Skowrońska, Gallery Arttrakt, Wrocław.
2017    Duchu lasu / Spirits of the forest, curated by Magdalena Skowrońska,
.             Wrocław Contemporary Museum, Wrocław, Poland.
2017    Kalanchoe tańcząca / Galerie Brzuch Centrum Trawienia Wizji, Wrocław, Poland.
2016    Uległość Węgla / La souplesse du Charbon, curator Magdalena Skowrońska,
.             Chapelle de Quartier Haut, Sete, Francja.
2016    Pikseloza / Pixelosis,curated by Magdalena Skowrońska, Wrocław Contemporary Museum.
2015    Ogrodowych Ryb Pyłkowanie / La pollinisation des poissons, Galerie Latelier, Sète, France.
2015    W ziemi / In the Earth, curated by Magdalena Skowrońska, Wrocław Contemporary Museum.
2015    Kryjówka / Hideout, curated by Anna Szary, Gallery Labirynt Lublin.
2014    Uziemianie / Mise a la terre, curated by Zofia Reznik, Galerie Brzuch, Wrocław.
2014    Uzewnętrzniacz / Externalizer, curated by Magdalena Skowrońska,
.             Wrocław Contemporary Museum.
2013    Bezwstyd Mięsistych Kropli / Hardihood of Fleshy Drops, Galerie Entropia, Wroclaw.
2013    Szczepin w Lukrze Luxusu / Szczepin in The Icing of Luxus, Wrocław Contemporary Museum.
2012    Mokre Bulwy / Wet Bulbs, Galerie Rita Baum, Wrocław.
2012    Warstwy / Strates, Wrocław Contemporary Museum.
2011    Poruszenie / Movement, BWA Design Wrocław.
2011    Butoh Dance performance / cocreated with Kasia Mikołajaczak, Katrzyna Matz,
.            Club Puzlle, Wrocław, Poland.
2010   Oswajaki / Tame, curated by Maja Wasyluk, Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw.
Interaktywny Plac Zabaw / The Interactive Playground -produced by WRO Art Center:
.            Exhibition at the National Art Gallery Zachęta Warsaw (created with Dominika Sobolewska
.            and Paweł Janicki) The exhibition has already been seen by over 300,000 viewers in major
.            galleries in Poland and the world, from Moscow to Edinburgh.